Jan Gordon

Curatti Best Articles of 2014 – Part 2

As we approach the end of our first full year online, we wanted to pay homage to each of our authors by resharing one of their original articles from 2014, along with a brief curation of each.  These are presented alphabetically, by first name, and split over 3 days. (In each instance, you can click on…

Michael Nelson

The 3 C’s of Marketing: Clarity, Connection, Call To Action

Effective marketing is clear about what problems offerings solve and for whom they solve them.  It helps your ideal clients find you because they can see themselves in your materials and message.  It begins moving prospects down the path of knowing you, liking you, and trusting you.  Only then can you begin to transform prospects…

Michael Nelson

Is Your Small Business Building Committed Relationships?

Successful Small Business Marketing is About Building Relationships Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard that the Internet is a great tool for small business marketing!  More likely, you’ve been bombarded with such messages non-stop, especially from people trying to sell you Internet marketing.  Typically, these messages ignore the exact tenets required to make…

Michael Nelson

Marketing: The Power of These Three Simple Outcomes

Marketing can seem as complex as Einstein’s theory of relativity at times.  Many people look at small business marketing just as they look at a board full of formulae and consider it arcane and incomprehensible! But it really isn’t so complex.  It does have a lot of moving parts and there are many ways to…

Michael Nelson

5 Maketing Mishaps and How You Can Get Right Back on Track

Embarrassed to ask for the sale

Varying Paths to the Same Result What is it that causes so many capable entrepreneurs with a solid service to offer, to fail miserably? I’ve found that in most cases it comes down to marketing and its terrifying sibling; sales. Revenue is always a top 3 challenge in polls and rises in prominence when the…

Michael Nelson

How Do You Avoid Being Defined by Your Customers?

How Do You Turn Clients Away? Revenue versus Growth… Turning away customers is nerve-wracking. You need clients to grow and without revenue a business is no more than a hobby. So, how can I suggest that there are clients that you need to turn away? Ironically, the smaller and younger your business, the more you need to…

Michael Nelson

Do Your Marketing Messages Get Lost in all The Noise?

If owning a business is your second career, you’re in a different position than typical entrepreneurs. Let’s figure out how to maximize your advantages and minimize your challenges to build a growing and fulfilling business. You should be able to use your knowledge and experience to become successful rather quickly, if you plan correctly. You…

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