Danny Brown

The 3 Core Tenets Every Blogger Needs To Succeed

As bloggers, we all have different goals. Some may be to monetize your blog; some may be to get a book deal; some may be to become recognized as an expert in your field; others may be to share company news and updates. Some may even just be to have a personal outlet where you

Jan Gordon

12 Ways To Turn a Blog Reader Into a Blog Subscriber

By Danny Brown There are many success metrics when it comes to blogging – number of comments, social shares, visitors, etc. Yet one that comes at the top of most blogger’s lists is subscribers – not just the amount of subscribers, but actually turning readers and visitors into subscribers. After all, anyone can read or

Danny Brown

Pure Blogging Is About The Experience We Give Our Readers

Recently, I read a blog post by Jack Steiner entitled Do People Really See You? It’s an insightful read about being there when it’s important to be, and what it means to follow through on your promised actions. The post, like many others of Jack’s, really resonated with me, and I left a comment, which

Danny Brown

How To Build Trust And Identity On Social Media

Depending who you listen to or read in the social media space, the best reason to use social media for your brand varies. It can be for listening; resolving issues; lead generation; focus groups; recruitment; and much, much more. All good reasons. All good value. And yet…. While these are all solid enough reasons to be

Jan Gordon

The Top 100 Content Tips By 52 Content Marketing Experts

By Danny Brown Curatti Note: This is a true Danny Brown piece, packed with information, observation, Scotland’s unique and wonderful humour and absolutely no punches pulled.  Enjoy! What made you click through to read this post (unless you’re reading this via RSS and already know what’s coming)? Was it because you’ve read other posts of

Andy Capaloff

9 Things You Need To Know About Data Big and Small

There are many great resources that detail the benefits of Big Data. Danny Brown has certainly written many (here’s just one example), as has Daniel Newman (and here’s an example of his work). I’m as excited as they and others are.  But with the Big Data journey barely really beginning, it seems opportune, even for

Jan Gordon

How to Build Identity and Trust in Social Media

The following, is another great post by Danny Brown, in which he talks about two of the most important aspects of brand building.  As with all of his work, it is abundant with new insights and takeaways.   Depending who you listen to or read in the social media space, the best reason to use

Jan Gordon

The Search For Deeper Meaning in Data Through Context

It is Context that gives Data meaning, as Danny Brown tells us in this excellent piece The Question of Context in Meaningless Data One of the things marketers and brands alike are excited about at the moment is the potential of Big Data. This excitement is understandable – the ability to tap into previously unheard

Jan Gordon

Curating an Experience Your Audience Will Remember

This article, re-published with kind permission of Danny Brown, takes a different type of look at the importance of storytelling in engaging an audience, and is itself written in a manner that engages from first word to last.  Enjoy! Creating and Curating an Experience Your Audience Will Remember We like to be entertained. We enjoy

Jan Gordon

The Why, Where and How of Planning a Social Media Strategy

This article, re-published with kind permission of Danny Brown, gives a step-by-step, high level ‘why, where and how’ for getting your business immersed into Social Media, including some very useful resources. The picture he paints is not the one you will read elsewhere, that everything is very simple.  The processes need thought, planning, time investment

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