Jan Gordon

How to Maintain and Scale Web and Content Traffic

By Robert Caruso Maintaining consistent traffic to your content, website and landing pages is crucial to your online marketing success. The ability to understand your top traffic sources and subsequent traffic patterns once they land on your content is key to reducing the frequent ups and downs that are difficult to predict. Am I right? In…

Rebekah Radice

Must-Have Social Media Tools Every Small Business Needs

social media tools

As a busy small business owner, keeping up with social media can feel like a never-ending battle. From content creation to the curation of relevant articles, maintaining a consistent presence takes more time than you have in your day. So, how can you remain interactive while still running your business? That’s where the right tools…

Jan Gordon

Are You a Collector a Curator or a Social Connoisseur?

By Bryan Kramer It used to be that you were a wine or art collector to be considered a connoisseur. These curators of their personal taste and beauty would search for pieces that fit a collection they would be proud to show off to their friends. Picking what went into their collection wasn’t easy, because…

Jan Gordon

What The Power of a Great Content Curator Means for Your Brand

Many businesses focus heavily on creating fresh, high quality content. Although content creation is an indispensable part of content marketing, content curation is powerful as well. It can add value to the content you already have, allow you to connect with your audience more effectively, and give you the freedom to focus on creating content…

Karen Dietz

5 Story Secrets For Content Creators: Standing Out From The Crowd

Creating and sharing stories in your content strategy is critical for business success. And you will find lots of articles on the web about how to craft stories. There are plenty that will focus on story structures, story elements, and story diagrams. None of this will guarantee that you’ll actually create a compelling story, however.…

Jan Gordon

Curating an Experience Your Audience Will Remember

This article, re-published with kind permission of Danny Brown, takes a different type of look at the importance of storytelling in engaging an audience, and is itself written in a manner that engages from first word to last.  Enjoy! Creating and Curating an Experience Your Audience Will Remember We like to be entertained. We enjoy…

Jan Gordon

Four Surefire Ways To Increase Your Content Curation Traffic

Many of us, including Curatti writers Marty Smith and Karen Dietz, ‘cut our teeth’ on the scoopIt platform.  Used correctly, it offers any content marketer an invaluable means of driving traffic to their site, so boosting their SEO.  This article, by Guillaume Decugis, co-founder and CEO of ScoopIt shows some of the advantages of using…

Karen Dietz

How to Find + Tell Awesome Customer Stories

Want to grow your business? Then share your customer stories. Yet one of the greatest difficulties entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and large corporations have is collecting their customer stories. Not only do many organizations resist talking with their customers (I might hear something I don’t like), it requires time and feels complicated to actually get done. But…

Sarah Arrow

Content Curation: Your Blog Post Recipe

Curating a great blog post is like creating recipe for your favorite dish. If you leave something out, intentionally or accidentally, the result will be different. In some incidences you’ll discover an entirely new dish, and in others you’ll just throw it in the bin and start again. Now, I’m going to share the ingredients…

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