David Gutierrez

How To Incorporate Snackable Content In Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Use Snackable Content In Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Marketers have always been looking for ways to capture the attention of┬átheir buyers and get new blog post ideas. ┬áThe audience is narrow, defined and has very specific needs. As we all know, there is so much information around us that it’s becoming ever-harder to stand out among all our competitors and reach our prospects.…

Ivan Temelkov

Getting Your Content Noticed By The Sophisticated Consumer

Sophisticated Consumer

In the modern digital age, it has become significantly more difficult and challenging to capture consumer attention. Each consumer absorbs in the vicinity of 1,500 different marketing messages on daily basis. That’s a staggering number, and it is no wonder that we tend to respond to 1%-2% of those at most. This is a clear…

Jan Gordon

How To Adapt To The Shifting Consumer Shopping Journey

By Robert Caruso When social media marketing was in its infancy, brands and marketers needed to do little to make an impact, standout and see results. Though the marketing platforms were new, the data quickly showed that early adopters and average consumers alike were willing to be influenced and make purchase decisions through the new…