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March 10, 2021

Social Media Marketing Strategies for Video Distribution

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Your company spent money to produce a new video. Make that a lot of money. In fact, they spared no expense—working with a reputable video production company, a professional talent, and a scriptwriter—to make sure the video represents the company in the best possible light.

And YOU have just been handed the task of getting people to watch it.

Social Media Marketing Strategies: 1st Stop – YouTube

YouTube is the first place most marketers go to post their companies’ videos—well, after posting it on the corporate website, of course. Bear in mind, however, that just because you post your video on YouTube, doesn’t necessarily make it “social media.” Social media is all about building relationships, and just like any other relationship, it takes time and effort to develop rapport.

Think of it this way: Posting a video on YouTube is kind of like the first day of school—you need to make friends if you’re going to have any kind of social life. Likewise, you (and your video) have to work at making friends on YouTube in order for your video to have a social life.

The thing is, making friends on YouTube is FUN. For one thing, you get to watch videos on company time. For another, you get to interact with others on company time. You make friends by making comments—POSITIVE comments—on others’ videos .

REMEMBER: Avoid the instinct to post a comment to the tune of, “Come watch my new video!” UNLESS it really, really applies to the conversation. This can be really, really tricky. Frankly, I recommend that you err on the side of caution and just have a conversation and stay away from anything promotional.

Social Media Marketing Strategies: Next Stop – Twitter/X, Facebook, and Beyond

YouTube helps you kick-start the conversation on other social media sites by allowing you to post your content to Twitter/X and Facebook.

Posting a video on Twitter is not hard; you basically “tweet” a link to your video. For more information. Tweets are short-lived: Unless your target customer is watching their X feed while you are posting, there’s a good chance they will never see it. So re-share your link a few times again, on different days of the week, at different times of the day.

Phrase your tweets differently:

  • Make it a question 
  • Tweet a quote from a video
  • Ask for feedback on your video, etc.

Facebook is popular for sharing information and connecting with others and is highly compatible with YouTube. You can also upload your video directly to Facebook giving it more chances to be seen because Facebook loves native content. Linkedin is another platform that loves native videos, according to this digital marketing company, so if you are into B2B marketing, make sure to upload your video there!

If you are into multichannel selling, make sure to re-use your product-related videos on your store page on Amazon or Etsy. There is an option inside your Etsy shop manager to add videos!

Social Media Marketing Strategies: Repurpose Your Content as Shorts, Reels and TikTok Video

In many niches, uploading your videos to Youtube is not enough. There are other video platforms – like TikTok and Instagram – that can really bring the target audience to your site.

Both of those platforms support specific video formats. They favor short videos that grab attention from the first second. You can repurpose your long video into these short and entertaining episodes using tools like Copy-paste your Youtube video URL and give it a few seconds to generate Reels. Each clip will have a title (its topic), transcript, and a virality score (10-100). 

It will also add automated captions to your short videos making them more engaging.

Video marketing is hard work! Make sure you put your video in front of your target audience using social media and content repurposing!

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Ann Smarty

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Ann Smarty is the Community and Brand Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. She is also a host of two weekly Twitter chats (#VCBuzz on Tuesdays and #MYBlogU on Thursdays) and a regular speaker at the largest marketing conference Pubcon
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