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Susan Gilbert
February 7, 2018

Post: 3 Ways To Attract More Leads With Magnetic Content Marketing

Magnetic Content Marketing

In the new age of video and mobile search, magnetic content has become an indispensable part of becoming a successful brand online. The more original and helpful your content is, the more people will dive into it and share it with others. We no longer live in an age where boring sales articles attract readers.…

Lesley Vos
December 19, 2017

Post: How To Write Great SEO-Friendly Content in 2018

Search engines are becoming smarter and concentrating more on users’ behavioral factors. Meanwhile, marketers are struggling to broaden SEO processes far beyond blind link building with nothing but market-defining keywords. Yes, backlinks and anchors matter; but the catch is, they all reshape all the time for content better optimization and promotion. That said, the rules…

Scott Aughtmon
September 2, 2015

Post: Here’s How Neil Patel Uses Curation That Goes Viral

I am about to tell you how Neil Patel went from reselling car parts to becoming one of the top names in content marketing. And he did it by using an unusual hyrbid method that combines content marketing and content curation in a very unique and powerful way. But first, I need to tell you an important story.…

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