Alexandra Malis
February 10, 2017

How To Organically Gain Your First 10000 Instagram Followers

InstaHeads for more Instagram followers

How to gain your first 10000 followers on Instagram organically?

If you want to create and build a strong community around your Instagram account or brand, it would be smart to not use any bots or jailbreaking Instagram services that are against Instagram’s TOS. Today we present you the organic and safe tool for Instagram promotion – InstaHeads, and include detailed instruction on how to get your first 10000 Followers.

Step 1. Make your Instagram account look appealing

Select interesting photos that represent your own concept or brand

  • Use professional tools to edit your photos.
  • Add filters and face improvements, such as Prime, Afterlights, Snapseed etc.
  • Write a clear description under your posts
  • Use questions to engage your audience to have a conversation with you.
  • Try to post one photo per day.

If you are good at video editing, it’d be even better for content promotion strategy to post eye-catching videos, but it’s harder to produce.

Step 2: How you can gain your first followers

  • Go to the Search section of the InstaHeads application.
  • Click Add Search then open the Users tab
  • Enter the name of similar accounts or accounts of your competitors

The tool will search for the list of their followers for you. Select them all and click Follow. You can track the performance in Task section.

Instaheads screenshot 1Step 3. Engage with Instagram posts of other people

Find the content that may be similar to your content or that you have interest in.

  • Go to Search section of InstaHeads
  • Click Add Search and then Photos
  • Enter the hashtag to search for

InstaHeads will find the best content for you that can be sorted by likes or date.

Instaheads screenshot 2TIP: If you are a local business, try to search for posts in your area. It will give you more relevant, targeted posts.

Step 4. Engage with the content in the right way

Once you have posts search results, you have two possible options:

  • –  Simply likes those photos
  • –  Comment posts.Instaheads screenshot 3Remember: Don’t only like photos on Instagram. Broaden your search to wherever you audience and competitors are.

Comments are more important in your strategy. They should not have a spammy look. Remember, you can’t comment too often, otherwise Instagram will ban you. You can leave approximately 10-20 comments per day.

Step 5. Sign up!

Doing this you should be getting at least 100 followers a day depending on your niche, as well as 50+ likes per photo easily. Get the free version of InstaHeads here:


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