Mia Voss
July 12, 2015

How To Create a Solid “Know Like Trust” Factor Using Video Content

Ok, let’s start with this: what exactly is Know, Like, Trust. And why should you care? (besides the fact that I said so!)

KLT started for me on the playground. Remember your first best friend? The one you knew had your back, shared their candy, had the best advice, kept your secrets and always had the right thing to say? Yup, that was your first KLT experience. There was nothing better than that BFF you knew, you liked and you trusted. And we are all constantly seeking a new BFF in every buying decision we make. Which means our clients are as well. That can create a bit of a challenge in this increasingly loud, crowded and mainly online world of connection, collaboration and commerce.

The KLT factor can arise from various sources:

Word of Mouth:

I have what I call a Board of Influencers. This consists of 6 people who are my “go to” resources. When I need to find out what the best app is for blogging notes, the best place to find an antique egg timer (yes, you read that right), the latest online trend, or an unabashed opinion of the season finale for Game of Thrones (I haven’t watched it yet, don’t tell me what happened!), I check in with these 6 people. We all have a version of Board of Trusted Advisors or Influencers and we know them, like them.. and trust their opinion!

Brand Recognition:

Previously, Brand Recognition was all you needed to get consumers to flock in drovers and blindly buy in mass quantity. Since we are such a visual world, logo recognition still exists but it no longer guarantees instant KLT. This no big news flash but, traditional advertising has now gone the way of the VCR. Slick & polished commercials with voiceovers from actors just don’t seem to cut it anymore. As much as I love Matthew McConaughey (alright alright alright!), when he when he says “I’ve been driving a Lincoln since long before anyone paid me to drive one”, I involuntarily roll my eyes in disbelief and I know I’m not alone. In order to keep their KLT factor, marketing content needs to have a message that brings the customer in, not alienates them.

So how can businesses that are not a major brand but want to amp up their Know Like Trust factor in an authentic manner? Video Content! The bottom line is that each of us have our own broadcasting tower at our fingertips. Here are a few facts about video:

  • YouTube has more than 1 billion users
  • 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • Facebook Users are posting 75% more videos than last year
  • Periscope & Meerkat have definitely changed the game with their competing live stream apps
  • 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter
  • 52 percent of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions. (Invodo)


One of the reasons I started my Google Hangout/YouTube show in 2013 was because I knew I could connect audiences to guests better through video. Combining sight sound and motion creates experiences that create brand awareness, touch pain points and help you gain awareness. What better way for my audience to learn about a new product, idea than to hear a business owner tell their story, describe their inspiration and put a face to the product.  Video adds a living breath 3D personality to your brand.


When considering video content, the most important thing to start with is, of course, the authentic message. Yes, I used the A word. That’s right up there with the “T” word: Transparency. Both are buzz words but, until someone gives me better succinct lyrics, I’ll keep singing this tune! Authenticity and transparency are here to stay. When you tell a story about your business, it gives a potential or client something to relate to. I have a friend who invented an oxygen carrying backpack for new parents with preemie babies who were still on oxygen when they left the hospital. (Check out Busy Breathers) Michelle created this product from a place of need. When she would tell her story, it really connected her to the parents who needed the product and felt isolated.

Short and to the point message are the ones that connect best with audiences. It shows confidence and builds KLT even more. People who can quickly make their point on video kill it every time (that’s a good thing) According to StatisticBrain.com, the current average attention span is 8.25 (down 3.75 seconds from 2000). Here’s a little fun factoid: the average attention span of a gold fish is 9 seconds. Which makes humans even more of a squirrel than goldfish!)

images (6)

Brevity & clarity of message is KEY for building KLT. One of my tips for clients is called the “Drops Mic, Walks Off the Stage” statement. When deciding on what to say in their video, we come up with dialogue that gets to the point quickly and tells the audience exactly what you want them to know. You will want to drop the imaginary microphone and walk off the pretend stage in your mind. Which means what you said in your video was SO good and to the point, you won’t need to say another thing (except give your call to action, of course!) Establishing Know Like Trust which short & succinct dialogue means that your potential clients are going to do what you just told them. And keeping it short means they won’t forget what you just told them to do.(Buy that product, subscribe to that website, call for a consultation, share the tweet, etc.)

One of the important factors for creating video content that ups your KLT factor is to make sure it’s geared towards solving your clients’ problem or fulfilling a need. Videos are a great way to position yourself as the expert, solve a problem, fill a need, reassure a potential client and show your smarts. Some people fear that giving away information will devalue their service (Milk=Free=Why Buy Cow quandary) but it’s actually the opposite. Strategic video content can create a Know Like Trust factor that will leave clients wanting to hear more

Earlier I mentioned Word of Mouth. Video content can be easily used so that others can recommend you. KLT factor is amped up when someone else talks about you. Video content gives your raving fans and current clients an easy way to refer you. Another way to think of it is a “handle” for them to carry you around. As someone who loves to refer, connect and recommend, sharing a video is an easy way “hey, check this out – I LOVE what this business is doing and here’s where you can find out more”. For example, my client ASH Fitness is starting a video series on Periscope that focuses on health tips and the Super Booty (want to know what that is? All I can say is, everyone should have one so go subscribe). In creating this series, it gives me an easy way to share her information. a handle with which to carry her around. In creating a unique video series, Ashley is going to fill us in on health & workout tips that are inspiring and will also lead serious clients to her door. Positioning yourself as an expert with practical advice that helps your client is a sure way to build KLT that will leave them wanting more and trusting that you will deliver.


Closing advice for those of you who are afraid to get in front of the camera: jump in! Preparing content for a short informative video is a GREAT way for you to hone your elevator speech and be ready to pitch your business at any time. You can start with a short video recorded on your phone (the camera quality of mobile devices are off the chain now!). Make sure to check out these What Not To Do Tips when getting started. Want to learn more? Click here and get in touch with me

Happy Video Content creating to you!

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