Jenn Herman
November 22, 2016

5 Tips to Help Grow Your Email List Using Social Media

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Continuing our “Great Articles You may have missed” series. This by one of the original friends of Curatti, Jenn Herman, looks into how she grew her own email list.

How To Grow Your Email List

I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years now and the one big regret I have is that I didn’t focus on building my list earlier. It wasn’t that I didn’t have an email list. I did. But it was really small and while I didn’t discourage signups, I certainly didn’t encourage them. And I didn’t have a good capture technique.

Obviously, I learned my lesson and focused on building my list. But I was definitely behind on all the momentum I could have had. Lesson learned!

So, if you have wanted to grow your email list, I want to make sure you have the resources to do so. I’m going to share with you my best tips for ways to use social media to grow your email list.

Now, to be fair, having a free resource or download or opt-in product is going to be a big help. Having your website set up with landing pages and signup forms is going to be necessary. I’m not covering these things here – that’s too much for one blog post. 😉 This is only how you can use social media to drive the traffic to those resources as a means to grow you email list.

Cover Photos

This is one of my favorite ways to build your list. You can use this method on any platform that allows a cover photo (or banner image). However, it’s most impactful on Facebook because the photo is more interactive.

You can put the message and call to action for opt-ins right in your image and encourage that action to sign up.

grow your email list

Or, you can include your details and call to action in the caption of the photo so that when people click on the photo, they get all the info and the link to click through.

grow your email list

The great thing about cover photos is the ability to be creative and express your brand style, all while driving results for your business!

Whether you use text, arrows, “buttons”, or other features in your cover photos, find ways to let people know that you have something they want. Encourage them to follow through and sign up as a means to grow your email list.

Call to Action Button

This is prominent on Facebook business profiles. Twitter lead generation cards have CTA buttons. Instagram ads have big ol’ CTA buttons (when set up properly). If there is an option to add a call to action button on your posts or profile – DO IT!

These buttons often make it easier for everyone involved. It’s a clear option for your audience and the flow is usually streamlined to make their completion smoother. And they usually save you having to do extra work with set up and formatting, so that you can focus your time in better ways.

When possible, or when it makes sense, have this CTA button lead to an opt-in page or form on your website. That way, you’re actually collecting emails quickly and efficiently.

Promotional Posts

Promo posts can be regular organic posts, or they can be ads that you run. The purpose is the same – reach targeted audiences and grow your list!

A good promo post offers something of value for the audience so that they are willing to exchange their email for the great resource. You could be providing anything from a video or video series, an ebook, a webinar, a checklist, a quiz, or anything you else you’ve come up with.

grow list on facebook

Always make sure you consider the platform you’re using to promote your promo. Keep the language and content relevant to that platform.

email list growth instagram


grow your email list


grow email list

An added bonus is if you can schedule these promotional posts to go out to your social media profiles. Spend a few hours setting up your post scheduling and then you’re set for the next month or so with automated content being pushed out to grow your list.

Live Videos

Right now, live video is a huge impact and value-added tactic for social media. It may a Periscope video or a Facebook Live video. It could be what has now become a YouTube Hangout. Either way, you have an audience listening to you and watching you live.

Ensure that every time you’re hosting a live video, you are including a call to action (multiple times if possible) to head over to your site and sign up. Again, it could by any variety of items you’re offering them but you want to convert those live viewers into action takers and build your list.

Host a Contest or Giveaway

If you set up your contest to require an email entry, this is a really effective way to grow your list. Offer a prize with tangible value. Set up the page on your website to cover all the contest information and entry form. Next, promote this all over social media. Provide the link to your website page. And use beautiful images (or videos) of the prize to be awarded and let people know how to enter.

When permitted by social media rules, encourage participants to invite others or tag friends on your post comments to get exponential reach and entries.

Get Creative

Sometimes, doing something completely new and random can be the biggest conversion. So go ahead and post a video blooper reel with a CTA to sign up for the full videos. Offer behind-the-scenes or pre-launch access to a limited number of people who sign up. Ask people in your LinkedIn group or small community to share your blog posts or promotions.

Use the tools you have and the fun ideas in your mind to find ways to stimulate your audience into signing up for your list.

Do you have any thoughts on the above or suggestions you’d like to share?


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