Justin Osborne
September 13, 2017

3 Digital Marketing Trends to Prepare for in 2018

Digital Marketing Trends

A serious marketing expert explores every new trend. They don’t judge. They test. Then, they decide if the trend works for their campaigns. At its core, marketing is all about selling products or services in a way that engages the target audience. The problem is, audience preferences evolve. That’s how digital marketing trends are developed.

Before we start with the trends we expect to see evolving in 2018, let’s see what has been big up to this point in 2017:

  • Augmented reality. The trend is still relatively new and it’s not going away. According to a report by Market and Market, the virtual reality and augmented reality market is expected to reach $151.3 billion by 2022. We saw IKEA giving us scannable catalogs that allowed us to see how an item would fit in our room. We saw LEGO using AR technology to bring its models to life. That’s smart marketing.
  • Native advertising. More and more marketing experts are trying to make their ads look less like ads and more like something the consumer would choose to read or see. This publication in The New York Times is a nice example of native advertising. It’s a post paid by Airbnb, but it’s also useful content that informs and educates.

Those were not the only big trends that defined 2017, but let’s stop there. It’s time to focus on the future. A marketer has to foresee the future, so they will be ready to serve the best campaign when the consumers are ready for it.

Digital Marketing Trends For 2018

These are the top 3 marketing trends we expect to see growing in 2018:

1. Video and Interactive Content

Remember that song Video Killed the Radio Star? Well, it seems like we’re going to sing something like video killed the content star in future. Joke. Don’t worry; content isn’t going anywhere. Yes, many Internet users might get less interested in reading long blog posts in future. However, content will still be the foundation of marketing, even if it’s being presented in video format.

Let’s explain why video content is the future of marketing. It’s easier to understand a concept when someone explains it through video and audio material. That’s why videos have the potential to attract a greater audience.

Live video streaming

Live streaming is becoming a bigger trend by the day. We’re seeing influencers making giveaways through live streams on Instagram. The trend is not that big on Facebook yet, so we’re expecting it to evolve further. This brings us to another concept: interactive videos.

Are you following influencers on Instagram? Let’s take an example: Kino MacGregor. She is currently promoting her new book through live video streaming on Instagram! She recommends everyone to turn live notifications on from her, so they can watch the streaming when it starts. People from all around the world are watching. This type of marketing is very engaging, since the audience can post comments and ask questions.

Marketers can use video to create a smarter, more engaging narrative. Thanks to live video streaming, video is now possible for small businesses, too. Think about it: they can stream a day in the office. They can make announcements. They can organize giveaways. Live streaming does not require any investment in filming and production.

That’s not where the possibilities for marketing through interactive content stop. Website visitors also love interactive infographics, podcasts, and webinars. The Content & Buyer’s Journey Benchmark Report by Demand Metric showed that businesses can use interactive content marketing to gain distinction among immediate competitors.

So yes, we can expect video and other interactive content to keep getting bigger in 2018.

2. Mobile Devices Will Rule

Laptops? Not so much.

You can’t watch Instagram live videos when you access the platform through a web browser. They are only available on your app. The notifications for these “micro moments of life” trick you to use the mobile phone even more often than before. You have to turn on the device immediately to get the information and the benefits from the offer. Marketers are still discovering the best ways to capitalize on this micro-moment trend.

People love using their smartphones. As a marketer, you need to find a way to make your offer instantly attractive, so they can access it through their smartphones. You want them to follow you on the platforms they use on these devices. You want your offer to get the notifications they receive, so they will check it out even when they are not searching for it.

3. Customer-Focused and Personalized Content

Consumer-centric content is not a new trend. We’ve been trying to tailor content that solves problems and gives useful knowledge for a long time. In 2018, however, this trend is expected to evolve in a new shape: content that provides a personalized experience for each consumer.

What does personalized mean in this case? It means that the marketer will ask about the preferences of the person interested in the product or service. Do they like reading long articles? Maybe they prefer a video or a PowerPoint presentation? What exactly do they want to know? When they get this information, they will provide a personalized experience for this particular consumer.

This is how that happens in practice: you visit a website and you get a standard message that asks you what kind of information you need and what kind of content you prefer. Then, the website serves exactly what you need. If you’re a returning visitor, the site will remember your preferences and you’ll get new content that suits you. How cool is that?

To Conclude

Digital marketing is getting more exciting by the day. New trends keep coming up, and the old ones evolve in unexpected ways. That’s a great thing. The job of a marketer never gets boring. When you think you’ve mastered a method, the current of change takes you in a different direction.

The important thing is to keep exploring and experimenting. Don’t just try to follow trends. Make them! Focus on the latest happenings in the digital marketing industry and think: where could they lead? Where can you get them?

There’s still time to make your strategy for 2018. But remember: it’s never too early to start preparing.

What Do You Think?

Are you excited or nervous about these trends? Are you ready for them? Do you see any trends that I didn’t mention here? Please leave your comments, below.

Justin is a teacher from Leicester, England, UK. When not teaching his little students and rooting for Leicester FC, he loves to share his thoughts and opinions about education, writing and blogging with other people on different blogs and forums. Currently, he is working as an editor at the writing service Bestdissertation. Follow Justin on Facebook or tweet him @JustinJOsborne.


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