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July 23, 2018

How To Build The Perfect Website Landing Page

Build The Perfect Landing Page

A good landing page is crucial to the success of your online business. Having a good landing page offers a sure-fire means for increasing your conversion rates.

In opposition to the traditional homepage, a landing page is much more focused and operates to achieve a single objective. It is basically designed to deliver what the customer was looking for when they clicked on the ad that leads them here.

On the other hand, a homepage is much more generalized in approach and speaks about the entire business/corporation. Hence a homepage can’t replace the necessity of a landing page.

Now, most of the times it so happens that people, although they understand the difference, create a landing page which is more like a homepage. This is a grave mistake and will not help improve your conversion rates.

To help focus people in the right direction, we have put together a checklist for creating the perfect landing page. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Your Headline Is Your Strongest Weapon


According to a statistic from Copyblogger, around 80% of all people visiting your landing page will not scroll down to read all the intricately detailed copy you have prepared for them. And so, the heading, and the sometimes the subheading, is all you have to captivate your audience.

If the headline is unappealing or uninteresting, then your potential customers will leave your site. And so the secret to the perfect landing page lies in part with the perfect headline?

So how to create the perfect landing page?

Well, the main thing is to focus on arising your audience’s curiosity and thus grabbing their attention. However, it should be short and crisp – kind of like a teaser. Don’t say too much.

Next up is time to get your audience accustomed to the rhythm. Offer a bit more intel with the subheading, which lies below the main headline. Your headline can state your USP (unique selling proposition).

Overall, the goal is to compel the user to scroll down in order to learn more about your product or service. This is when we use our other weapons to ultimate land a conversion.

Next Up, Highlight The Features and Benefits

highligt features

By now, if the readers are still on your landing page, they are probably asking – “okay, what do you have to offer?” Since you have captured your user’s curiosity, it’s time to satisfy them.

Clearly state, in a readable manner, what the features and benefits of your product/service are. Buyers tend to base purchases on the features that you are offering, as opposed to the actual benefits. And so it is advised to put more emphasis on the features list.

The need for highlighting the benefits of a product is mostly crucial if you are functioning inside the B2B market.

The best way to represent features and benefits is through the mixed use of graphics/infographics, images, text, or video. This requires you to have some control over your landing page layout. It is always a good idea to use website builders to help build your landing page.

Images Speak a Thousand Words

Don’t make a landing page out of a wall of text. Nobody likes to read that much – especially not while browsing the internet. Besides short and crisp headlines, the next thing that serves to captivate user attention would be the images.

You don’t necessarily have to get too fancy. Some free stock images – as long as they are meaningful and in context – should do the job. Just make sure that there are a decent amount of illustrative images (infographics also work) spread across the landing page so that things don’t become stale or boring.

But, Videos Can Literally Speak Thousand Words

According to case studies, it has been found that a simple landing page video can increase conversions by up to 80%. The reason is simple. As we said people don’t like to read, and hence prefer if a narrator explains everything instead.

Now since they are still here, it means they are interested. So it is time to show them a video which states the benefits and use of your product/service. The video can also be for demonstration purposes. However, avoid making your videos too long.

Include Testimonials

Up till now, you have captivated your users, told them what you have to offer, and got them interested. Good! The next thing is to assure them of the quality of your offering. Tell them that you truly can deliver. And the best way of doing this is through the use of testimonials.

This shows the potential customer that you already have a solid customer base. And that they like your product/service…. and they like you! Testimonials will help creates confidence in your potential customer, and ultimately push them to make the purchase.

Offer A Means to Get in Touch

Before making the final purchase, most customers are wary about after-sales support. And some will have questions prior to making a purchase.

For both of these reasons, your customer would love to see some means of contact. Furthermore, displaying your contact information will help to improve your the level of trust and credibility amongst your customers.

And so it is advised to include a live chat functionality, coupled with a readily available support email ID, and if possible, a contact number.

Now It Is Time To Seal The Deal

The person is ready to buy your product, use your service, and give you their hard earned money. This is not the time to make them question “how?” And so, always have some variant of a “buy now” button ready on your website.

If at any instant, you customer is convinced that they can’t live without your offering, they should have the purchase option in close vicinity.

However, in doing so, some people make the “buy now” button obnoxious and distracting. Avoid doing this, or you may end up losing conversions.

In Conclusion

We hope you found this read to be helpful. If you follow all the steps above, you are sure to create a stunning landing page for your product or service which should boost your conversion rates. Just remember to the basic focus is to acquire the user’s attention at first, and then as they scroll down, flood them with other good details.

Over To You

Do you have any additional tips that you feel your fellow readers should know about? Please share them in the comments section, below. Thanks!

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