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July 29, 2020

Best Practices To Drive 300% More Website Traffic Through Videos

Drive 300% More Website Traffic Through Videos

In this technological world, every individual is looking for transformation. You might have noticed that videos are changing the traditional marketing approach and helping businesses to promote their services and products online. Also, 96% of people want to see more explainer videos to know about the product or service as they are engaging, informative, and short. 


Are you looking for the best practices that work out for your business, allowing you to increase traffic and build brand trust? If so, you are in the right place. In this article, you will learn about some strategies that will make your video stand out from the rest and transform your online business. 

Now, let’s take a rundown at some of the tips that will help you create influencing and productive videos.

Video Marketing best practices to increase traffic

Let’s get started…

1- Always Create Engaging Thumbnails

Think for a moment. What is the first thing that inspires you to click on videos when browsing online. Unless I’m an anomaly – which I doubt – then most people are attracted to video titles and thumbnails.  

It not only helps viewers understand what’s inside it but it also compels them to watch the video right through. The more engaging the titles and thumbnails, the more interested viewers are to check your website. 

So whenever you create video thumbnails, make sure it is short and includes clear and interesting images to make the audience stay on your website. You can also consider having close up faces and human interactions to create thumbnails that directly connect the viewer’s emotions. 

2- Incorporate Videos In Your Email Marketing

Incorporating videos in your marketing strategy is another effective way that will help you boost your business sales and speed up customer engagement. According to these statistics, the average open rate of welcome emails is 82%. This can further be improved by adding video content in emails. You will observe a 19% increase in your open rates after incorporating videos.

It will not only hook the viewers but also a time saving and efficient approach to draw the attention of viewers. So, make sure every email you create helps you grab visitors’ attention and provide attractive information; which can be done effortlessly after adding video content. 

video marketing statistics


3- Make Mobile-Friendly Videos

As per the statistics, there are around 3 billion people worldwide who use smartphones. And this number will further grow in the next few years. It shows that most of your target audience are smartphone users who prefer watching videos on their mobile devices. 

According to this Facebook survey, there are around 1.5X people who watch videos on their personalized devices as opposed to watching on their computers. So, whenever you publish videos, try to use responsive video players like Vimeo, Youtube, etc. It will help you increase your viewer’s bandwidth by automatically adjusting the video quality. 

Also, never ignore the text size and timings of your videos. It may vary according to the screen size and platform you publish to catch the viewer’s eye. Say if you post a video on youtube, it can be an hour-long, but if you are planning for an Instagram video, make sure it never exceeds 60 seconds because people prefer watching short and informative videos instead of long content. 

4- Add Optimized and SEO Friendly Videos

Indeed, social media is one of the best platforms to engage viewers and increase brand awareness. If you really want to bring the audience to your website and convert them into loyal customers, the videos you create and publish on social platforms must be mobile-friendly. 

To make it possible, you can provide a transcript for each video, optimize file metadata, create engaging titles, intent keywords and accurate description to appear your video on general searches. Moreover, you can also create a video sitemap and submit it on Google Search Console to increase the searches and improve brand awareness. 

You may also want to read: How to boost plays and engagement for your social videos. 

5- Create Clear Call-To-Action (CTA)

Do you want to convert your viewers into leads? Of Course, you do! So make sure each video you create includes a clear and engaging CTA. If you ignore this step, there’s a chance that your quality lead might not even know that you have a ‘next step’. So, it’s essential to make your audience aware of your site and gather their information to convert visitors into the lead. 

While adding CTA’s in your videos, don’t forget to incorporate a link that will redirect visitors to your website or landing pages. Moreover, you can use Youtube End Screens to convert the visitor into a lead. 

6- Use Videos To Answer People’s Questions 

You might have noticed that when you type “how-to” in Google, a bunch of videos are returned in the SERP. This is because most people prefer such information in video form – at least some of the time. 

Basically, it shows that people want to get their answers quickly, easily, and in an engaging way. Yes! It can be done all through videos. Sharing answers, ideas, and tips in the form of videos will help you to attract more visitors and increase your website traffic. 

Thus, offering valuable content in the form of videos is a win-win situation. So, always try to create videos that drive more traffic to your site and educate the viewers. 

7- Start Hosting Webinars

reasons to use videos

Source: clickmeeting

Last but not least, hosting online events. Conducting webinars, whiteboard sessions, etc. is a great way to offer value to your website and convert more leads in less time. 

Having an optimized website and a strong marketing plan is essential for business growth. But when we talk about driving traffic and generating more leads, then webinars play a great role. 

Educating people about your services and products in an informative way will not only help you convert leads but also allows you to build strong relations with the customers. And some of those customers can become advocates or promoters for your brand. So, engage the viewers by producing different types of videos at the right time that best fits your sales.

Over To You

Now that you are familiar with the tips, you can make efficient use of videos to drive traffic and escalate business sales. No doubt videos have a huge impact on the online business, but only if it is used properly. 

Just remember, providing the right content in the right way to the right audience will help you to make your videos work and help viewers understand the concept easily and engagingly. 

So, don’t hesitate to invest your time in creating video content. Just do it in an optimized and attractive way. Also, if you have any other tips that you feel will improve the quality of video content and increase website traffic, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section added below. 


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