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May 25, 2021

6 Video Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid to Get Better ROI

Avoid These Video Marketing Mistakes

Video marketing utilizes conventional marketing copy and turns it into engaging video content that people love. Marketers have used this strategy to increase their conversion rates effectively. Video marketing is an ideal strategy for online campaigns. That’s because 82% of internet traffic is now equipped with video content, suggesting that more people consume videos compared to other content. This increases the chance of getting more conversions through a video.  

In a study, over 66% of customers prefer watching videos to reading articles when receiving new information. And 84% of them are convinced to buy products after watching a brand video. This indicates how powerful a video marketing strategy is for a business.  

However, it seems that not many have succeeded in getting new customers with this strategy. In fact, not all video marketing strategies work out when released in public. Many marketers (or brands) ignore the essential elements when planning a video marketing strategy.    

Just like every strategy, one can work, and one can fail. It’s how you plan it and make the most of it. 

6 Video Marketing Mistakes

Here are some common video marketing mistakes that brands have made.

(Editor’s note: Typically, an article on video marketing would – actually should – include examples of what is being discussed. But because the topic is video marketing mistakes, we don’t want to call anyone out)

1. Failed At Determining The Audience

It sounds cliche in the first place; however, many brands failed to pay attention to this matter before creating their strategies. Please put in mind that not every strategy works out for everyone. 

Surely, it may be a great tactic to attract the audience with video content. However, different audiences perceive things differently. You can’t produce marketing videos for food products the same way you make videos for real estate enthusiasts. Those are two completely different things.

Therefore, it’s essential to go through deep research about who will watch your marketing videos. Make sure to complete the research with information like customers’ behaviors and demographics. That will help you a lot. 

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2. Not Knowing The Goal

A highly proven marketing video won’t work out when you still don’t know your main objections when planning on this strategy. There are two primary marketing goals in a business: raising awareness and increasing sales.  

If you aim to increase sales, your marketing video should focus on delivering the benefits of your products. An explainer video is a perfect example of a video marketing strategy for this purpose. Explainer videos can help you convey brands’ messages in a meaningful way without leaving the audience bored. They are ideal video content when promoting your products in a concise manner.

On the other hand, there are tutorial videos that are great for spreading awareness about your brand. Tutorial videos include an entertaining step-by-step guide to help people solve their problems. With this marketing video, you can subtly place your brand inside it so that viewers become aware of your presence. 

3. Unclear Messages

When making a marketing video, having clear messages is vital in determining the delivery. You can’t measure your conversion statistic if your video doesn’t convey the information concisely. As a result, viewers can’t understand the message you’ve addressed for them. 

Marketing videos without clear and concise messages will be just a video that doesn’t give an outcome. They’re like typical videos on the internet that most viewers are just passing by. No marketing result can be obtained from this video. 

It’s crucial to make your audience understand what you convey in a video. If you want to make a customer from it, make sure to be clear about what you offer and what customers can benefit from you.

Talking too much about your company won’t bring any value. Instead, try giving your audience some insights into why they need to embark on an entrepreneurial journey with you.

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4. Ignore SEO Practices

If you think producing a marketing video alone can save the day, you’re not 100% correct. Why is that? Making videos and leaving them on the internet is a bad idea when you don’t implement SEO techniques. 

The internet is full of competition. It’s about who will get discovered and visited the most. Even if you make a stellar marketing video, it won’t be that useful when nobody watches it. That’s why it’s crucial to work on your SEO to improve your strategy. 

You can start by researching the right keyword that matches your product or service. Apply this keyword to your video description, and be sure to include proper tags that fit the content. Also, don’t forget to work on your captions because they help your SEO rank.  

Since 92% of customers watch videos with sound off, it’s best to put closed captions in your videos. Not only will it be more convenient for these types of viewers, but it also helps people with hearing disabilities to experience videos in the best way possible. 

5. No Concise Call-To-Action

It’s not a proper marketing video when there’s no proper call-to-action. A call-to-action makes video a great investment tool for every marketer. It helps viewers decide what to do right after watching the video.  

Without a clear call-to-action, your marketing videos can’t reach any goals. In fact, it’s the vital element that turns viewers into customers in a matter of a time. 

If you make your viewers wonder about what they have to do next, that means you’ve failed in delivering a call-to-action. A couple of examples of a successful marketing campaign would be a surge in newly registered accounts and an influx of traffic. 

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6. Videos That Are Lengthy

The reason why video marketing is deemed successful for many businesses is its effectiveness in delivering messages. A marketing video is easy to digest because of its short and meaningful information. Therefore, it’s important to keep your video short and concise.  

In fact, most marketing videos are short. They’re about 1-3 minutes maximum. This allows viewers to understand the message quickly.

When a marketing video is too long, your audience can get bored midway. This results in a lesser conversion rate as most people don’t go through the video to receive call-to-action. Moreover, lengthy videos aren’t helpful because they don’t convey the message to the point, presenting viewers with trivial information. 


Video marketing is a vital strategy when it comes to promoting online. More people are accustomed to video content as it delivers information faster. With its engaging visual elements and narration, the audience has found videos as a better option to receive new information.

Moreover, video marketing has been proven to bring more customers, allowing marketers to start using this active campaign for years. Not to mention that video marketing can help businesses in many ways, including improving SERP, pulling web traffic, and increasing exposure.

However, not many have succeeded in using this strategy. Most often than not, marketers ignore crucial things when producing marketing videos—for example, failing to find the right audience and neglecting the video’s message they want to deliver. Therefore, it’s important to understand what common mistakes people make before creating the video. 

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