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January 8, 2019

5 Ways For Entrepreneurs To Stay Motivated As You Build Your Business

Entrepreneurs: Here's How To Stay Motivated As You Build Your Business

What’s your relationship with motivation? Are you the type of entrepreneur who has made a habit of combating laziness, procrastination, and guilt? If that’s you, I totally understand the reason why you’re here with me, consuming this post.

Every entrepreneur wants to succeed. We crave for productivity, inspiration, innovation, confidence, efficiency, and consistency. Why do we absolutely desire these traits?

The answer is obvious…the more qualities and skills we build, the quicker we’ll reach our business objectives and “become successful” or financially independent.

Most of us want to do it quick, yet many of us realize that is merely a primitive impulse. Deep down, in the depths of our subconscious, we fully understand that running a successful business isn’t a quick goal we can achieve just like that, in a few afternoons.

Business growth takes time (and patience), a lot of hard work, and great resilience. However, throughout the process, one can motivate oneself by leveraging various mind tricks that will boost his courage, confidence, and motivation.

In today’s post, you’ll learn 5 helpful strategies to stay motivated as you pave the road towards your business goals. They’re guaranteed to help you if you apply them!

1. Develop a Strong Purpose

One of the lessons that many successful entrepreneurs teach is that no business owner should aim strictly for profits. Instead of focusing on making money, entrepreneurs should fight for something truly important.

A cause, a purpose, a vision…this is exactly what every entrepreneur needs in order to thrive and change the world for the better. When you build a business out of pure motivation to do something for the greater good, you’ll never struggle to find enough reasons to overcome the toughest moments.

Therefore, finding a real purpose is key. Simply ask yourself “WHY?” Be brutally honest. Why are you running this business, or why are you going to start this new business? Try to be very concrete. When you think you have found the answer, start feeling it.

How does it feel? Exciting? Not so exciting? Challenging? Hard? Impossible? IMPORTANT?

Build a relationship with your purpose. Visualize yourself experiencing a “normal” day once your purpose has been achieved. Again…how do you feel?

Motivation is very tricky. You have to work with your subconscious mind first because that’s the source of most of your thoughts, feelings, and impulses.

Bottom line: find a real purpose that goes beyond money and emotionally connect with it. Visualize it, feel it, and have faith that you’ll get there.

2. Focus on the Journey, Not the Result

Motivation is a limited resource. Those who use it wisely will reap significant rewards, and they’ll be able to progress faster. Nevertheless, motivation has a lot to do with focusing.

Your motivation goes where your attention goes, so mastering your thoughts and feelings will help you control the motivation factor whenever you please.

Start focusing your energy, thoughts, and actions on the present moment. Shift your perspective. Don’t chase the final results but focus on the journey. Everything you do right now counts, as you’re creating causes and effects.

For example, if you focus on reading an educational resource without allowing any of your attention to spread, you’ll comprehend that material quicker and better. After a few weeks, some of the information that you’ve paid great attention to before will allow you to uncover a lifetime opportunity.

If you hadn’t given all your attention to consuming that information properly, the lifetime opportunity would have never popped out. It goes the same with everything. Focus on your journey (present moment) and let the future guide you.

3. Exercise Your Motivation Muscles Every Day

Start perceiving motivation like a muscle. Every time you need to take action, you’re using a certain amount of motivation. As I’ve mentioned earlier, this is a limited resource that can be exhausted. However, each day, we wake up with a certain amount of motivation.

Imagine that you receive a small balloon each morning. Every time you work or do something that requires effort, the balloon loses air. By the end of the evening, the balloon will lose all the air. The air is your motivation.

If you want to get a bigger balloon each morning, you’ll have to become more disciplined and work harder. When lazy thoughts arise, you should counterattack them by taking immediate action.

Exercise your motivation regularly by using your willpower. Whenever you simply don’t want to do something, make enough courage and will to do it. In time, the motivation muscle will become stronger and stronger, and you’ll be able to accomplish a lot of things simply because you’re trained.

4. Build Empowering Habits

Habits are the greatest way to avoid using motivation and still get a lot of things done. When you build a habit, you’re basically allowing a particular behavior to manifest without you having to pay a lot of attention and motivation.

For example, washing your teeth in the morning, waking up to go to work, and taking a shower every day are no longer tasks that require motivation. Because these activities have been practiced over and over, the mind has welcomed them as routine.

Therefore, whenever we perform our habits, we don’t need to use our motivation to do it. This means that the better habits you build the more effective and productive you’ll be each day. I’d suggest you develop a morning routine, physical exercising habits, and self-development habits like reading and studying.

These habits won’t just affect your health (which will affect your work productivity) but also inspire you and motivate you.

There are many authors who can offer you sparks and motives to become better, and many people who have accomplished more than you’ve ever planned. Reading is a must!

5. Live a Balanced Life

Even though entrepreneurship is a different type of job, a job that involves responsibility, self-organization, and a lot of time, living a balanced life is critical. There are so many entrepreneurs who prioritize their work over their personal time and family time.

If you want motivation, you must first build energy. You can only do that by taking care of your body. This involves careful nutrition, regular exercise, and rest. That’s right, rest. Full disconnection from work, responsibility, and organizational chaos.

Second of all, to be motivated, you must often have somebody to share your success with. Focusing your time and attention on the family is also a critical aspect that’ll help you gain or lose motivation in the long run.

Lastly, we are spiritual beings. Many of us feel connected to higher purposes, spiritual purposes, and many of us feel the urge to grow spiritually. Your business is the total opposite of this spiritual desire, yet both should be treated with balance.


Starting a business is easy. Making it successful is hard. Simple facts, yet most entrepreneurs fail to realize that the difference between mediocre and successful businesses lies in their own level of knowledge, skills, and resources.

If you can keep yourself motivated throughout the journey, nothing’s ever going to stop you from getting exactly what you want. Start implementing our strategies and witness the results. Keep practicing and grow your motivation muscle on a consistent basis!

Over To You

Do you have any motivational tools that you use that you’d like to share with your fellow readers? Please leave your comments, below. Thanks!

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