Linda Craig
February 9, 2016

16 Uncommonly Excellent Content Marketing Tools

There is one word that comes to mind when you think about developing new content: Creativity. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need a different angle. And that need not be limited only to the ideas you get or the way you present them. The tools you use in all aspects of your content marketing are also important.

Without further ado, here is a list of 16 tools, the majority of which, few other content marketers, bloggers or small business owners will have heard of.

1. Crimson Hexagon

With this tool, you’ll be able to measure the results of your social media campaigns. You’ll gain tons of insights from features like social monitoring, audience analysis, topic discovery, and text analysis. When you get such information for your previous social media campaigns, you’ll know where to direct the upcoming ones.

2. Contentivo

You can connect with your content marketing team really easily with this awesome tool. The administrator of the group can allow the team members to make contributions, track versions, give feedback, and publish the pieces.

3. TrialFire

This tool will add engagement metrics to the marketing and analytical tools you already use. It will show you what the visitors are doing at the website your content is featured on, so you’ll be able to meet their needs more effectively in future.

4. Autopilot

This marketing automation tool will save you tons of time. You can connect different apps, forms and sites to get an improved view of your audience and engage them more thoughtfully. The intuitive visual canvas enables you to manage your contacts easily. When you’re trying to attract customers with good content, it’s important to manage the leads carefully. This is the tool to use for that purpose.

5. Serpstat

You can enter any domain in the search bar, and the software will give you in-depth analysis of its SEO performance. Serpstat is an awesome tool for researching your competition in terms of search queries, pages with highest visibility, and total traffic. When you understand how what search engine optimization methods they rely on, you’ll be able to boost the effectiveness of your own content.

6. AssignmentMasters

When you have too many tasks to cover in the office and you can’t write all content that’s scheduled for publication, you need to outsource part of the work. AssignmentMasters is a great service that connects you with professional writers and editors in different category. You’ll have high-quality content ready on time.

7. Resonance

This is a content retargeting and amplification platform that will make your marketing efforts more productive. A huge percentage of your visitors disappear after they see your content for the first time. Resonance will put your message in front of them, reminding everyone of the great value you offer.

8. RapidMail

This software enables you to create impressive newsletters and send them via email. You’ll get detailed insights on the performance of the newsletters, so you’ll know how many subscribers opened the links.

9. Percolate

This marketing software presents all your campaigns in a single location. Plus, it enables you to collaborate with your colleagues without leaving the office.

10. Uberflip

Use this online platform to create and optimize different types of content, such as blog posts, articles, books, presentations, etc. Uberflip will help you show the right content to the right audience at the right time.

11. Stipso

It’s important to present your content in a form your audience will like. Infographics are ever popular. With Stipso, you’ll be able to develop visually-attractive infographics that won’t need much marketing to get to the target audience. A great infographic gets tons of shares and likes even when you’re not that serious with its promotion.

12. Smartling

This tool will help you reach any culture and country with your content. If your content is intended to reach readers on global level, you can’t rely on Google translate when trying to speak the native language of a reader. With Smartling, you’ll integrate translation into the system more effectively than you can imagine.

13. Quick Sprout

Before you start crafting new content for your blog, it’s good to check how your old posts are performing. Once you get general impressions, it will be easy for you to take the right direction with the upcoming publications.

14. Wunderlist

If you want to be a successful and productive blogger, you need to take small steps towards that goal. Include research, writing, and marketing in your daily routine! Organize a daily plan that will help you make blogging part of your life.

15. Trello

There is hardly a better tool you can use for organizing your ideas. Trello enables you to collect information and organize it in a flexible and visual way. When you discover an inspirational blog posts or online article, simply add it to your Trello board and you’ll see it as a card. You can drag and drop the cards to make the board more organized, so you’ll get a better idea for the development of your next projects.

16. Death to Stock

Why would you pay for images when you can get visual content of similar quality for free? Subscribe to this service, and you’ll get regular email messages that inform you about the new additions to the collection. You’ll mostly find lifestyle photos, so this service is awesome if your niche fits in that category.

Your turn

Content writing can be really fun when you approach the process from the right angle. Who said your work was boring? With the 16 tools listed above, you’ll keep discovering new tricks that help you build strong connections with your audience.

Do you have any great tools you feel are missing from the list and could be helpful to others?  Please share, below….

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