Cedrick Capati
February 21, 2019

How Content Intelligence Can Empower Your Business [Infographic]

Content Intelligence

In recent years, we’ve seen various technological advancements in the tech scene. These include the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotics. Now, a new contender has joined the league in hopes of forging better content marketing strategies for marketers, It’s called Content Intelligence.

What is content intelligence (CI)?

To better understand this concept, it’s better to look at what it does rather than what it is.

CI is an umbrella term for all of the tools that help marketers optimize and automate the production and promotion of their content. It covers the whole process of content creation, from ideation all the way to syndication.

Content intelligence was born out of existing technologies such as:

  • Natural language processing
  • Data analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence.

Content is such a massive asset for practically every brand’s business—92% of marketers think so. That’s a lot of like-minded individuals coming up with strategies to get their posts noticed on the web. As such, it’s critical to get your hands on the latest tools that will help you craft educational, valuable, and shareable pieces.

With content intelligence, you’ll be able to scrutinize your articles and evaluate which ones are strong or still needs developing. Below are just part of the scope of content intelligence.

It can:

· Suggest the format or type of content for you to create

· Point to related content to suggest to your audience

· Inform you of content pieces that need updating or refreshing

· Notify you of posts that need to be promoted right away

· Help you in creating a promotion strategy to maximize reach

Content Intelligence – The Infographic

If you want to learn the tricks of the trade, you’ll need the necessary tools in your arsenal. Check the infographic below for content intelligence apps that you can incorporate in your business to start optimizing your content marketing strategy today.

Source: Spiralytics.com

Can You Add Any Tools?

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