Anton Rius

The Growing Importance of Customer Relationships

Relationship marketing is still a confusing concept for a lot of businesses. While they easily understand sales and the need for a set process to convert leads into dollars, the idea of building lasting relationships does not so easily translate into traditional business models. Time is money, after all. Why would you want to spend…

Anders Orsander

Relationships: The Prime Directive of Social Media

There are many posts with tips on tools, methods and metrics to study. They are aimed at getting big results. There is one catch though. They guarantee about as much as “Do this to make someone fall in love with you.” The measure of any tip, however, is the strength of the genuine relations you build.…

Michael Brito

Relationships Matter but Good Content Trumps All

Before you cast judgment, please read on. As I write this, I am reminded of an online conversation that happened over six years ago. It was way back when Jeremiah Owyang was an analyst at Forrester. He wrote a blog post that asked a very simple question. Are you a purist or a corporatist? To…

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