Jan Gordon

The Life Cycle of the Brand Advocate

Developing a dynamic action plan that optimizes marketplace opportunity is a top priority for any business owner. Implementing this plan most often translates to creative tactical strategies that competitively position a product or service for conversion. With more and more consumers relying on social media to drive their purchasing habits, the endorsement of a qualified…

Jan Gordon

Marketing Strategy Begins with a Buyer Persona Profile

By Lee Traupel A buyer persona profile identifies who you are targeting with marketing initiatives. It’s the go to foundation of all your marketing. You may have more than one. Your surveys, samples and interviews will flesh out the optimum profiles which can be converted to actionable marketing profile docs. Four Critical Steps for Building…

Jan Gordon

This article is republished here by permission of Lee Traupel   It’s a noisy world, your marketing resources and headcount are limited and in some case, you’re still defining who your customers are. How Marketing is being Redefined in Real Time 50% or more of your customer engagement will be on smartphones in next 12…

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