Greg Cooper

8 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Business from LinkedIn

"Why am I not getting more business from LinkedIn!"

Let’s be clear about this: there are many small and medium sized businesses out there who are regularly getting substantial business from their LinkedIn activity. However there are others who do not. Whether your business is in the first or second category I hope this article will give you some ideas and inspiration on how…

Susan Gilbert

How To Use LinkedIn InMail Effectively

Is your business inundated with unsolicited messages on LinkedIn? You’re not alone, and most likely you’ve passed over these InMails. This gives us pause to think about how we should be sending out our own communication to our network. In fact, the more like a sales pitch our message appears, the less chances of it…

Susan Gilbert

Are Your Business Leads Falling Short? Try LinkedIn

How to Build More Leads with LinkedIn Would you like to generate more leads from social media in addition to bringing leads to your website? Want to know how to greatly increase your sales opportunities? One word will answer those questions:  LinkedIn LinkedIn is a premier social network for connecting with professional influencers, but when…