David Gutierrez

7 Hallmarks of Successful B2B Companies

Hallmarks of Successful B2B Companies

Our fast-paced digital society requires companies to operate swiftly and decisively if they want to position themselves for long-lasting growth. It is especially true for B2B organizations and their marketing efforts – while many private customers are conservative and will stick to the businesses they have been dealing for a long time, B2B clients will…

Robin Singh

Why Knowledge Base Documentation Needs Freshness

Knowledge Base Documentation

Knowledge base documentation is really helpful in general. It is used by both users and your support team, as it usually contains insightful and work relevant information for both. The problem is that knowledge base documentation consists of technical information. It not exactly fun to read. And for a lot of average users, it’s impossible…

Tony Zambito

How To Link Business & Marketing With Buyer Personas

 By Tony Zambito One significant change in the past few years is the top of mind presence of the customer on the part of CEOs. The mandate of “getting closer to the customer” has never been stronger. Various surveys point to CEOs linking business growth to increasing customer engagement efforts, growing their customer base, and…