Bryan Goodwin

Who Controls Your Narrative?

Social Media allows for you to control your story

  Who controls your narrative? Odd question to ask a business, I agree. Yet most business owners would say that either they or their CEO is the voice of their company. It is true that up to 10 years ago, business owners controlled their own story. They controlled the image of their business and could…

Jan Gordon

Brands Need To Get Content Right

Michael Brito has given us permission to re-publish some of his work. The first piece I’ve selected may be over 4 months old, but it is as relevant and fresh as anything you are likely to find on the web, imparting so much information, it is ‘one to bookmark’. The urgency of this piece can…

Karen Dietz

Want impact? Create Your Brand Story.

When blogging and curating, sharing your relevant and inspiring stories keeps you at the top. Over time, this generates your distinctive brand narrative.  Your distinctive brand narrative is your unique voice in the world. It is how you distinguish yourself from others. Your brand narrative helps mold and shape not only how you conduct your…