Julie Petersen
April 10, 2016

12 Essential Tools To Write User & SEO-Friendly Content

Content Marketing is the first aspect of companies large and small, that is seen by the outside word.  It is therefore essential that content marketers focus on not only the quality of their content and design, but also their search engine optimization. Without an SEO-friendly site, it will be difficult for your target audience to find your information. And if people can’t find your information, there’s no way for you to gain authority in your niche or a large fan-base.

Writing proper SEO content can be a daunting task. There are various elements and areas of work that are required, and content writers must remain consistent and motivated at all times. To better understand the process and gain the best results you must first realize what goes into SEO optimized content, and be able to incorporate the resources technology offers for assistance (like the following 12 options).

1. Plagtracker


You never want to publish content that is improperly cited or referenced, and you don’t want to ruin your reputation by stealing others hard work. Before publishing any content, always scan writing with Plagtracker. Their unique checking algorithm is reputable and fast.

It can be easy for busy professionals to forget to cite information they have found in their research, and many bloggers cover topics that have been done before, making it imperative that businesses scan their work for proper citation, reference and content originality.

2. Hemingway App


Writing business content for the web is specific. You need to use short, but profound sentences, and communicate information quickly. People reading online have short attention spans. And like Hemingway himself, this editor helps keep writing clear and straightforward.

The source also offers a useful readability score and also provides highlighted suggestions for correcting hard-to-read sentences, run-on or reparative language and overuse of adverbs. It’s a specific type of editor that can be essential for online marketers and content creators.

3. PaperRater


This online proofreader combines language learning with automated learning and computational linguistics, making it one of the most powerful proofreaders available. It’s a favorite instrument with new content writers and companies that want to improve their skills, and maintain results.

The automated linguistics feature means the proofreading is in-depth, and will go beyond the basics of grammar. And any business writer or blogger needs to understand the complexities of syntax, appropriate use of verbiage and other intricacies of a language to present their information professionally.

4. Keyword WordStream


This free resource offers keyword research assistance for any type of content. Users receive an initial 10 free searches, and then one free everyday after. Users can export results and incorporate them into daily tasks to say on top of keyword density.

It can be easy for content writers to overuse keywords, especially when it is a common word or phrase. And keyword density can be confusing for some, so using sources like Keyword WordStream can increase productivity, as well as overall SEI results.

5. Essaymama


This professional writing service is composed of highly qualified writers, who can assist content creators in any area. From research, structure and design, to proofreading and editing, their team will help writers avoid mistakes and connect with the target audience.

The site also offers a blog full of inspiration and helpful tips and their services can sometimes be preferred over automated proofreaders. If a content writer needs more one-on-one, person-to-person guidance, Essaymama is the perfect place to find substantial support.

6. IMN’s On-Screen Optimization Tool

IMN’s On-Screen Optimization Tool

This free optimization resource scans any website or url address to provide thorough and immediate keyword and link analysis. Users can add up to 5 keywords with each search, and discover if keywords are being properly used for SEO results.

It’s important that the way the information is presented on the screen grabs reader’s attention. Content creators use more than copy to do this, however once text is put on the page, you never want to be labeled spam.

7. Keyword Density Checker

Keyword Density Checker

This keyword density tool scans a page to discover how many times a keyword is used. It will save you time wasted trying to spot them all yourself and is extremely efficient. You only want 1% of text to be keywords, so don’t blast them or you will be labeled spam.

This is often a difficult struggle for marketing and business writers. It’s easy to forget you can’t keep using the same words during the writing process. Always check text before publishing to assure you reach maximum SEO results.

8. Read-Able


The following online tool offers a detailed readability score. Instead of a number that represents overall readability, users receive a number that identifies an age group of which the writing is best suited. This helps writers’ gear content towards their target audience.

If you do not connect with your target audience, it will be hard to reach the best results. Know your audience and what they can or can’t understand. If you are writing for middle school children, perhaps the most advanced vocabulary is not a smart choice.

9. Ginger


The software will help writers develop better language skills, while also effectively correcting any text. It will catch unique grammar errors, and issues like misused words, with precision. It’s a good go-to proofreader and editor for content marketers working alone, and it’s a powerful way to develop better writing skills.

Ginger can also be used on any device or operating system (Windows, Mac, browsers, Android, and iOS platforms). And it even has a free version to get content creators started.

10. ProWritingAid


The ProWritingAid is not just a grammar and spell check, it’s also an automated teacher. It will help content creators become better writers through the editing and proofreading process, and it works within minutes.

Users can access in-depth reports and a clear summary of results that alert users of overused words, clichés and redundancies, diction and sentence length. And although it can seem overwhelming to specify these areas of concern, it’s simple once you begin to review the breakdown of suggestions.

11. SpellCheckPlus


This spellchecker looks for common spelling mistakes, as well as grammatical errors. Users can copy and paste, or type directly on the site, to receive and immediate “check text” result. It’s fast, efficient and a useful daily tool for any business writer.

The spellcheck features are interactive and allow users to review the suggested corrections at the bottom of the user interface and apply them manually. It’s intended to be a teaching tool and will improve any content writers overall skill and ability.

12. GrammarBase


Unfortunately, GrammarBase no longer exists. However, there are a number of popular apps that can handle this function admirably. These include Grammarly, which we at Curatti have happily used for years.


Content writing requires a lot of skill and knowledge. And if you want to reach high SEO results and get your site onto main page searches, you’re going to need patience and an aptitude for research. The success of your content and its marketing value will depend on the creativity and quality of the writing and content itself, as well as the small details that rank it higher in Google results.

And any good writer needs and editor. An extra set of eyes and an outside opinion, whether it’s automated or personally one-on-one, are imperative for success. You want your content to be professional, consistent and at all times using keywords and other SEO factors to improve audience engagement.

Write first, and examine later. Finish your completed article, post or page and then use the 12 tools listed here to hone your skill and improve the overall quality of your work. Only then can you truly start to reach better optimization results and fully engage with your target audience.


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