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February 7, 2017

The Best Tools For Lazy But Successful Content Marketers

Best Tools for Content Marketing

Editor’s Note: Meet Tom Jager, previously published in Huffington Post. For his first Curatti article, he writes about 6 of the best tools for content marketers. It contains a mix of some of the same apps you’ll have seen in other articles, and perhaps 2 or 3 that you may not have seen so often (if at all). It is written with bullet points to highlight the features of each tool, so it could be a valuable resource for all except the most seasoned marketers

6 of the Best Tools for Content Marketers

Content marketing is the best way to build and increase the awareness around a brand and establish a direct interaction with the customers and potential customers. Using content marketing techniques, one can tell the audience a unique story of the brand and create anticipation before the launch. Anyway, it is a must for modern marketers because no brand can be successful without it.

Naturally, content marketing requires a lot of hard work. There are many tasks involved in getting the marketing message to the customers and ensuring they making the decision to buy.

To automate the processes and speed up the marketing effort, content marketers use a lot of tools. Clearly, without them, this task would be too much to complete by an individual or a small team, so thank goodness for them.

If you are looking for some tools to join your arsenal, we prepared a list of the best ones. Take a look.

1. Buzzsumo

Publishers like National Geographic and Tribune Media use this incredible tool that shows how well certain web pages and keywords perform on social media. A content marketer can determine the trending keywords, web pages, and topics.

As the result, the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, most active social media platforms, and top influencers can be determined.


  • Search for popular keywords
  • Search by URL or domain
  • Social media shares statistics
  • Information about sharers
  • Content analysis report
  • Excel export
  • Content alert


Staying updated and relevant is important for marketing because social media conversations generate new trends every day. To stay ahead in terms of content, marketers use this tool. Trendspottr provides them with the information about rising trends, influencers, popular topics, and hot hashtags used in social media.

It becomes possible to discover and share the right content at the right time with the right audience, which is priceless in content marketing.


  • Market Research and Report
  • Influencer targeting
  • Brand crisis management
  • Sentiment measurements for emerging trends

3. MailChimp

Email is an awesome way to reach to the customers because it provides direct contact and quick communication. MailChimp here is the ultimate way to conduct email marketing campaigns because it has incredible functionality and user-friendly interface.

Its powerful marketing automation ensures that the emails are delivered to the right people at the right time because the choice is done after a thorough analysis of the previous purchases, behavior, and preferences.


  • In-depth reporting highlights
  • Marketing automation
  • Email campaign designer
  • Collaboration options
  • Email templates
  • Response tracking
  • RSS feed

4. Make My Persona by Hubspot

Content marketers know how important it is to know your customers and potential customers before launching campaigns. “One of my latest campaigns designed for a professional essay writing service was a success only because I went to college and saw that students indeed lack time to complete assignments,” says Paul Jennings, a senior marketer. “Only by wearing their shoes was I able to deliver.”

To make sure that their campaigns are tailored to the needs of their audience, many marketers use this awesome tool made by Hubspot, a reputable name in the world of online marketing. It provides the user with a series of questions about the buyer personas, such as their intentions towards the product, challenges, face, occupation, tools they need, people they report to, and their achievements. Finally, you get a clear vision of your potential buyer and much more confidence in developing the right marketing campaign.


  • Understanding of customers’ needs and preferences
  • More effective marketing strategy and campaign
  • Completely free for use
  • Detailed analysis of buyer persona

5. Canva

Design is very important in marketing and many people engaged in the field often worry about a lack of design skills. Canva is the tool that allows to produce elegant and good-looking graphics and images for marketing campaign without any design expertise. Over 10 million people are already using Canva for their design needs because it makes it very easy to create without a design background.

If you are looking for a design professional to create images for your social media campaign, you can stop. Canva can replace any designer and let you have some fun creating during the process.


  • Incredibly simple
  • Beautiful templates
  • Abundance of design elements
  • Free
  • Stickers
  • Photo effects

6. Tagboard

The last on our list is a great hashtag analytics tool that allows marketers to search for and collect social media hashtags within seconds. For businesses, it also helps to display brand conversation in real time and extend live events by creating a beautiful and engaging social display. Also, the people who engaged in the brand conversation might be notified about their activity, which can contribute to interest to the conversation.

In addition to businesses, the versions for live video, college events, and broadcasting versions are offered by the developers of Tagboard.


  • Real time analytics
  • Moderation of content
  • Display of posts on social media within seconds
  • Variety of tagboard solutions for different organizations and events
  • Hashtag tracking
  • Encouragement to engage in brand conversation

Have you made your choice?

A content marketer is not complete without a toolbox to perform their job effectively – imagine a pilot without a plane or a singer without a stage and a microphone! However, one needs to remember that these tools give the opportunity to be the best marketer and deliver desired brand performance. By using the tools that we described in this article, you can get rid of some complex processes and automate others, to focus on what is more important. Enjoy!

Which tools do you consider essential, which may not have been included above? If they aren’t well known, we’d be particularly interested in hearing about them…. as, undoubtedly, would our readers!


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