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Reginald Chan
October 28, 2015

I call myself a stingy person. When it comes to logo creation for my blog or business, I usually stick to the cheapest that I can find. My meaning of “the cheapest” is pretty simple: Cheap and high quality. At some point, you may debate on the topic because in most cases, cheap and good…

Reginald Chan
February 17, 2015

Which Social Media Platform Is Best For Me?

Hate it or love it, you need to have a good social media strategy. This literally means hours after hours of split testing and thousands of dollars in social media tools, right? Erm, no. What if I tell you that at the end of this post, you will discover cheap (and probably free) ways to…

Reginald Chan
November 21, 2014

Content Marketing Initiatives You Need For A Prosperous 2015

Looking out of the window, it was the rainy season here in Asia at this time. Reality struck… I realized that it was already the first of November (at the time of writing this post). And this means that I only have less than two months before I say good bye to 2014. It was time to plan my…

Reginald Chan
October 24, 2014

3 Ways To (Seriously) Leverage Twitter For Business In 2015

For those who believe that Twitter will be left out in the social media rat race in 2015, you’ll be disappointed. According to Jeff Bullas, there are over 241 million monthly users on Twitter and the figures are just continuing to increase by the day. Twitter is used by not only bloggers and influencers like…