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Jacob Curtis
January 16, 2015

Build Communities that Convert: Here’s How – Part 2

In part one of this series I discussed how community managers need to always be converting the conversations they have with their company’s fans or followers. In part two, I’ll quickly discuss how to find these conversations when users don’t directly mention your brand name or when they aren’t initiated on your company’s social profiles Lesson…

Jacob Curtis
February 5, 2014

Build Communities that Convert – Here’s How – Part 1

Sometimes I forget just how long I’ve been managing online communities. Whether it was my guild in Everquest, the OSU Dodgeball Club on Myspace, the numerous Facebook pages I created in college, or the massive brand pages I currently admin. I’ve been around long enough to see just how much social communication has evolved. Through…

Jacob Curtis
December 15, 2013

Before You Hire A Community Manager – Here’s a 7-Step Check LIst

Social media management has become impossible for today’s business owner to ignore. With case study after case study depicting the benefits of being “social” and building a “community” many companies now find themselves in a mad scramble to add a new employee to their payroll — the Community Manager. However, before you hire a Community…