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Ivan Temelkov
July 13, 2016

5 Things Your Business Should Know About Human Marketing

Human marketing is without a doubt the future of modern business. In a previous post I talked about the importance of human marketing in business. In today’s digital age, the average consumer is a lot more informed, tech-savvy and intelligent than ever before. Most consumers, and quite possibly¬†your customers, absorb about five pieces of content…

Ivan Temelkov
June 29, 2016

The Importance of Human Marketing In Business

As a consumer, you certainly appreciate the human touch. Naturally every human being appreciates the sense of acknowledgement. It also shows a level of appreciation. In the earlier days of marketing, consumers were dominated by a brand’s equity. Your options were limited due to the confinements that major brands would place upon you. Those days…

Ivan Temelkov
June 22, 2016

Why DIY SEO Typically Does Not Work

In some ways, I feel like the term SEO is heavily overused these days. After spending the last 10+ years working in the Search industry, it has become quite evident that SEO is used and abused. SEO pertains to an optimization method in the form of text, images, and video. The end goal is to…

Ivan Temelkov
June 16, 2016

5 Common LinkedIn Mistakes (and how you can fix them)

LinkedIn is the world’s largest business professional network. One that anyone involved in professional services should by now be using actively. The recent announcement of Microsoft’s acquisition came as a bit of shock even if in retrospect not entirely unexpected. The plummeting share price since last year was a clear indication of the challenges in…

Ivan Temelkov
June 8, 2016

4 Ways to Beat Your Competition at Their Own Game

The digital marketplace is becoming a lot more saturated and competitive by the day. Every company that offers creative, design, development, or marketing services in general seems to have morphed into a digital entity. We are the height of the biggest digital and technology disruption in human history. Naturally every company wants to get a…

Ivan Temelkov
May 25, 2016

9 Essentials for Building a Dominant Digital Brand

The internet has forever changed humanity. It might just be the best thing since sliced bread. From a business perspective particularly, it has absolutely revolutionized the way brands do business. Over 67% of consumers are inclined to purchase¬†a product or service on a mobile device. 1 out of 5 people in Africa use the internet…

Ivan Temelkov
May 18, 2016

6 Things That Will Help Boost Your On-Page SEO Potential

On-Page SEO has always been a heavily misconstrued area. In many instances it’s due to lack of full understanding in the nuances of this critical area. Seasoned SEO veterans may even go as far as stating that On-Page SEO represents a huge chunk of the SEO pie. Meaning that a good portion of your SEO…

Ivan Temelkov
May 11, 2016

Why Facial Recognition Will Change Marketing Forever

Facial recognition is the next biggest trend – one that digital marketers need to pay strong attention to as it is taking front stage in marketing trends. Recently, MasterCard announced selfie payments – a payment method using a selfie from a smartphone to pay for a bill. A clear indication that facial recognition will also…

Ivan Temelkov
May 4, 2016

The Impact of Communication In Digital Marketing

Internal and external communication in the digital marketing realm seems to be a burden for a lot of businesses these days. This includes small business, mom and pop shops, and even corporations. At the C-level particularly, communication seems to be significantly more problematic. In most instances, poor communication is attributed to workflow ramifications. The interesting…

Ivan Temelkov
April 27, 2016

Why Influencer Marketing Is Indispensable

The vast majority of marketing these days pertains to influence. The way brands and marketers engage with a target audience heavily relies on influence. Consumers make purchasing decisions based on influence from a brand. Now more than ever, influencer marketing plays a huge role in the digital marketing mix. Something that every company should be…

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