Katy Blevins

With This Tweet, I Thee Wed

How To “Put a Ring On It” and Transform Your Followers Into Brand Advocates Ask any social media consultant the question that they hear most often, and they’ll undoubtedly respond with “How do I get more followers?” Second runner up is something usually akin to “How do I get my followers to tell their friends…

Elysia Walton

Tweet Smarter To Make Your Brand Outstanding

To most people, Twitter comes in one of two forms. It is either a go-to news source and information highway, or simply a daunting, endless platform that spews out new information every millisecond. Please trust me when I say that it is important, even though it can be daunting. If you want to know just…

Albert Qian

What B2B Marketers Need to Know (Winter 2015)

Winter 2015: The State of Social Media As the days get shorter and the weather colder, marketers snuggle into their down comforters and head online to engage with peers, create customer engagement, and tell stories about their brand. The end of the year and beginning of a new one means that social media and marketing…