Shelly Kramer

How Will AI Ultimately Redefine Human Intelligence?

Will AI Redefine Human Intelligence

In this article, Shelly Kramer once again touches upon the subject of AI. This time, she asks how AI will ultimately affect Human intelligence. How’s that for a nice light read to start your week! It is another in our “Great Articles You may have missed” series. How Will AI Redefine Human Intelligence? Do you…

James Malone

Visual Marketing: Either You’re In or Your Brand Is Out!

The Growing Importance of Visual Marketing

In the faster than The Flash digital age, the future of marketing is visual. With the advent of social media, smartphones and use of visual content, marketing today is more dynamic and versatile than ever before, and still growing and evolving. A study from Wharton School of Business found that 67% of the audience (from Piktochart blog)…