Dipti Parmar

How Much Should You Invest in B2B Marketing?

How Much Should You Invest in B2B Marketing?

As many will attest, B2B marketing requires a very strategic approach. Unlike B2C, where you are only working to appeal to a single person, your messaging must adhere to a multitude of interests and concerns. When dealing with larger B2B organizations, there may be 5 people with whom your marketing strategy must speak: The Initiator…

Norman Arvidsson

What Should Your Social Media Marketing Budget Be?

Businessman Working Dashboard Strategy Research Concept

  The Internet, and social media in particular, has leveled the marketing playing field for small businesses. The “little guy” can have an active and well planned Facebook page right along with the likes of Coca-Cola and Geico’s Gecko. The little guy can Tweet all day long, and post great photos and quotes on Instagram,…