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Anton Rius

For an Effective Content Strategy, Context is Key

Online content marketing is no longer an option for your small business, it’s a necessity. Your prospective customers are spending their time looking for answers. They’re asking for recommendations through search and social media. If you’re business isn’t there when they’re looking, you are missing opportunities without even knowing it. Unfortunately, the world of online…

Anton Rius

15 Questions to Help You Build a Strong Marketing Plan

When was the last time you evaluated the foundations of your marketing plan? Being successful as a business owner doesn’t always mean having a strong marketing plan in place from the beginning. Many people have a business idea and jump in with both feet, without knowing how they’re going to stay afloat. Does this sound…

Anton Rius

The Growing Importance of Customer Relationships

Relationship marketing is still a confusing concept for a lot of businesses. While they easily understand sales and the need for a set process to convert leads into dollars, the idea of building lasting relationships does not so easily translate into traditional business models. Time is money, after all. Why would you want to spend…