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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]curattisidebarlap1Your prospective customers are turning to the web to find information that will help them determine if you have the right products and services for them. In fact, Forrester research says that the amount of online content a buyer is engaging with prior to making a purchase is doubling year over year.

Curatti provides powerful web content writing services for your readers and clients. Whether you are a startup, a large multi-national company, a mid sized firm or a non-profit, communicating online with your prospects and clients is more important than ever before.

When it comes to persuasive and search engine friendly content for your website, blog or other marketing channels, we know what it takes and have experience writing for a number of unique industries. We can write convincing content that helps you get ranked higher, have greater social media influence and sell more products and services.[/text_block]

Samples of the Content We Provide

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With our “Content as a Service” solution, we provide you with the content you want, covering the topics
most important to your clients and readers.

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Every opportunity I have to connect with Jan and the team at Curatti always brings new clarity to my business, my brand and my professional path. She effortlessly walked me through the best way to bring my message to my audience, developing quality content that put me on the path to success, seamlessly reflected my passion and personality, and effectively communicated my brand in my marketplace.

She is exceptionally talented, powerfully motivated and passionate about the success of her clients. Her expertise is invaluable. It is clear she is well-equipped to help any company, client or professional take critical steps forward in their growth.

Her team is of course comprised of the very best, providing timely responses, well-composed content and that very same passion that makes Jan so good at what she does. Every step in our project was a breeze and a joy. They go the extra mile to really listen and understand who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. They are in the service business, not sales, and will stop at nothing to deliver a perfect product. Working with them was not a transaction, it was an open creative dialogue that was exciting, ambitious, captivating and actionable.

I look forward to working with the team at Curatti on many more projects in the years to come. I know I can always trust them to deliver their very best every time.

Katy Blevins, Social Media Strategist, Small Business Consultant, Content Expert, Motivational Speaker, Copywriter, Life Coach

“Curatti is one of those special groups of people that you rarely run across in business. Jan and her staff have helped me on several projects and have delivered, on time, within budget and superb content. There are not enough words of praise to bestow upon Jan and her team. I highly recommend Curatti for any project that you have. Curatti’s team worked seamlessly with my team to produce a superior product. Curatti exceeded my highest of expectations.
Thank You Team Curatti!”

Art Costello, Author Expectation Therapy

“You are probably aware of Curatti’s great content and Jan Gordon’s ‘editors of chaos’ – they help businesses to stay current on trends while providing information that cuts through the online noise.

But did you know that Curatti also provides many additional services?  I recently hired them to create an eBook and blog posts for my client, and I’m happier than a kid at summer camp.  They did a fabulous job.   Not only did they exceed all expectations when it came to delivering first-rate results, but they also met deadlines by a comfortable margin.  Their responsiveness and level of support is second to none.

If you need assistance in growing your business, I can attest to Curatti’s standards.  They do things creatively, with integrity and a commitment to excellence.  Thank you Jan, to you and your team, for a job well done.”

Susan Gilbert, Online & Book Marketing Consultant, Founder and CEO at Online Promotion Success

“There are very few really close relationships that develop through social media that elevates to the level of family. I consider Jan to be at that level.

Not only does Jan and her company develop incredible content, but the integrity and trustworthiness of Jan is second to none. Reliable, knowledgeable and industry leadership are words I would use to describe her. Quality and transparency are what you will receive from her.

I cannot recommend Jan enough”

Robert Caruso, Social Resolve, LLC & Bundlepost

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