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Raymond Morin
February 16, 2016

Generation C: The 12 Online Consumer Trends in 2016

The New Year promises to be one where the Generation C will have a decisive impact on social and digital transformation of organizations. In 2015, there were several trends for connected consumers. We have already seen their immense influence on society. Several of the previously predicted consumer trends have already been seen, and still more…

Raymond Morin
January 26, 2016

10 Steps To Becoming an Influencer in Your Sector

In recent years, influencer marketing in social media has evolved very quickly, and has become an increasingly common practice among marketers. Companies and organizations active on the web and social media have integrated this still relatively new marketing approach to reach their customers. Today, if the confidence level towards non-governmental organizations and businesses rises slightly…

Raymond Morin
January 13, 2016

Uberisation and the New Economy

First there was GAFA, Now there is NATU Over the last two years, we saw the four giants of the Web and social media (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) literally take control of the new economy. The weight of GAFA is now determinant on Wall Street, and their market capitalization exceeds those of major brands…

Raymond Morin
December 22, 2015

Bloggers: The New Influencers of tomorrow

More than ever, content marketing, and blogs in particular, are at the center of issues. It is estimated that there are currently about 200 million blog sites, and there are about 1.25 million new blog posts published daily. Due to this, the importance of standing out and asserting leadership amidst the clutter is crucial, and…

Raymond Morin
December 1, 2015

The Social Responsibility of Generation X

A new leadership role in the transformation of organizations In the last 2 years, a large inter-generational transfer has taken place in our society. Baby boomers gradually gave way to new generations, the majority of whom were digital natives; and for the first time, Generation X holds the balance of power. After waiting their turn…

Raymond Morin
October 27, 2015

Training Digital Natives To Be The Leaders Of Tomorrow

Over the past twenty-five years, the rapid development of new technologies, combined with the advent of the Web and social media, have caused a social revolution that now affects each generation. It has been a wave of profound changes that have transformed every aspect of our existence, from family life and personal relationships, through entertainment…

Raymond Morin
September 30, 2015

Generation Z: The Guiding Light of the Digital Age

In a recent article on Sprout Social; Gen Z vs Gen Y: Does the Hype Add Up,¬†Aubre Andrus discusses some highlights from an influential Sparks & Honey study that distinguish the Z generation of their predecessors in Generation Y. According to the study, published in 2014, Generation Z (born after 1994) already accounts for over…

Raymond Morin
August 26, 2015

Generation C – The Emergence of Micro-Generations

The demographic evolution of generations in the digital age In his book The ABC of XYZ: Understanding The Global Generations, Australian author Mark McCrindle shared the sociological research of Strauss and Howe to explain the major changes expected in the coming decades, with the arrival of Alpha and Z generations. According to the theory of…

Raymond Morin
July 7, 2015

Generation C – Towards a New Baby Boom With Generation Z

According to the US Census Bureau, in 2015, the digital natives of Generation Y (75.3 million) will surpass the Baby Boomers (74.9 million) in number for the first time. In comparison, Generation X is only slightly more than 56 million people. Add to this, according to the latest estimates, over 65 million young generation Z…

Raymond Morin
May 26, 2015

Generation C: The Rise Of Independent Entrepreneurship

From one generation to the next, we live with the certainty that we will be more successful than previous ones. It’s the lever and the engine of progress, the primary source of motivation for generations to excel and innovate. For each of us, it is the dream that nourishes the hope of a better life.…

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