The White Paper:

Still the “King of Content” for a Reason

The white paper has garnered a reputation as “the king of content.” Its regal status is well-deserved. In fact, when it comes to B2B marketing, these informational essays are among the most effective ways of attracting clients, building credibility and influencing decision-makers.

A white paper is a brief but authoritative essay written to inform and persuade readers. Businesspeople appreciate white papers because they educate decision-makers about important issues and help them find solutions to specific challenges. White papers can also be used as a marketing tool, lead generator and as part of a company’s brand building efforts.

Surveys show that business people rely on white papers.

Executives welcome white papers because they:

  • Provide important and timely information in a clear and concise manner.
  • Contain valuable insights, business data and scientific research, but without an explicit sales pitch.
  • Offer practical solutions to real challenges.
  • Give in-depth analysis of important topics.
  • Expose leaders to new ideas and innovative thinking.

Organizations produce or commission white papers because they benefit from them in numerous ways:

  • img3Establishing rapport, credibility and trust with clients and key audiences.
  • Positions you as an industry or thought leader.
  • Helps with marketing (i.e., potential clients and consumers are looking for useful information online).
  • Prompts readers to learn more about your organization and encourages them to take action based on the knowledge you provide.

What distinguishes white papers from blogs, brochures or other sources of business information?

  • White papers reflect a high degree of objectivity, expertise, research and documentation.
  • They are highly informative, serious in tone, well-researched and evidence-based.
  • Their primary aim is to edify the reader not sell them on your product.

The power of the white paper begins with a simple principle: giving people helpful knowledge builds trust, goodwill and gratitude. Put simply, if you provide someone with ideas, insight and understanding that helps them run their company, then they are more likely to give you their business.

Today, companies are using white papers to build subscriber lists, nurture established client relationships and market products and services. In particular, these fact-based essays are especially well-suited to today’s business environment. For example, offered as free downloads they can help you generate new sales leads, build community online and attract e-mail newsletter subscribers. The white paper is known as the “king of content” for a reason. Simply put, as far as business documents go it has no peer in terms of getting results.

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